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A Faction on the MMORPG Perfect World, the International Version.
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 New to forums!

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PostSubject: New to forums!   Sat Jan 03, 2009 5:44 pm

Hello all,

Just started playing Perfect World(PW) 2 weeks ago. Loving every minute of it so far. Love the faction as well everyone is very nice and helpful about anything. So im glad i picked a good faction wouldn't trade this faction in the world for any other one. Im still a bit new to PW, but learning as i go. Forgot to mention im an awsome Healing Cleric so anyone who needs a healer in there squad. Please don't be affraid to send invites my way. I would love to help anyone at all.

Now about me, names Josh and im 20 years old. I live in Loves Park, Illinois. Boring city in northern illionois, but i've lived with it so far now. I absolutely love video games can't live without them. Prob would die without them. I play xbox live and Perfect World on the PC. If yall have xbox live add me if you will, T_oX_iC_v same as PW. I play Halo, CoD4, Rainbow for xbox and Perfect World only for PC. I like going snowmobiling in the winter and 4wheeling in the summer. Best 2 things to do all year long. Also like to go fishing, camping, playing football, swimming, the fun stuff outside. I tend to draw here and there, but not as much as i used to. Nor am i any good, but still learing. Love watching movies, own at least 150 or more dvd's. And still getting more. Smile

Not much else off hand i can say, but anything else yall wish to know don't be a stranger and ask me!

You guys are great!
*huggles/glomples/squishies to me big sis(Nanalie)*
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New to forums!
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